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Explore Milos

Milos is one of the most special islands of the Aegean which will enchant you from the first moment you step into the port of Adamas. An island with dozens of beaches with clear blue waters, volcanic shape, picturesque cobbled streets, unique sunsets, endless blue and of course its warm hospitality is the ideal destination for couples, friends and families. The combination of the villages that look like paintings, with the shops that offer local delicacies and set the pace in the evening hours, will make you want the vacation to last longer. Places worth visiting are:

Adamas, Plaka, Pollonia, Klima, Mandrakia, Firopotamos, Trypiti, Kipos, Triovasalos and Pera Triovasalos, Furkovouni, Kastro, Zephyria, Areti

When we hear the word island the first thing we think of is beach, sunset and carefree. That is why below are gathered some of the best beaches in Milos, accessible by vehicle or by boat, which we guarantee will amaze you with their rare and breathtaking beauty.

Tsigrado, Sarakiniko, Kleftiko, Fyriplaka, Mytakas, Paliohori, Lagada, Alogomandra, Papafragas, Agia Kyriaki, Achivadolimni, Agios Konstantinos, Provatas, Gerontas, Papikinos

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